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Pawies was born from the lifelong love of two sisters to all animals, pets and otherwise and the realization that although the market is full of products targeted to all kinds of pets needs, it lacked products that help animal lovers to always keep their beloved pets present and close even when separated.

Pawies is a family owned and operated company whose mission it is to design, manufacture and market original and innovative products that reflect the love all pet owners have for their pets by carrying the likeness of them in clothing, shoes, jewelry and miscellaneous items. 

We are an always creating, innovating and improving company whose goal it is to make of its name, PAWIES, a name recognized for quality, love and innovation that gives back to the community by helping local shelters improve the life of rescued animals.

  • Global Pet Expo 2020

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Global Pet Expo 2020

Expo Pet 2018 - Colombia

5 avenue NYC - 2016

Fabric - Colombia

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