Sticker / Decal

How to Apply Decals

1. Clean the area where the decal will be placed. DO NOT USE WINDOW
CLEANER, If applying to non-glass surface, ensure the surface is completely

2. The decal will be visible thru the transfer paper. SLOWLY separate and peel
the protective backing paper from the transfer paper which carries the graphic, If
your decal want to stay stuck to the backing paper, In that case use a pin or your
fingernail to help lift away the edge of the graphic from backing paper, then rub
the transfer tape on that area again before continuing on.

3. Slowly roll the transfer paper with exposed graphic onto the surface and begin
to lightly rub down vinyl EVENLY from CENTER, from top to bottom until you
reach the end.

4. Now use the credit card to slowly but firmly rub graphic onto the surface, so
that transfer paper will separate from graphic.

5. SLOWLY pull away transfer paper at a sharp angle, until exposed final design.