Are My Dog's Dreams "Normal"?

Dogs, like humans and other mammals, experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the stage of sleep in which we experience dreams. Humans and dogs both have similarly high levels of brain activity during this stage of sleep, which suggests that dogs dream, just like we do.

Lastly, both humans and dogs also have a brain structure, called the Pons Varolli, that paralyzes our major muscles to prevent us from physically acting out our dreams. The fact that dogs also have this structure means it's likely there for a reason: to keep them from acting out their dreams.

Research has also suggested that one of the main things your pup dreams about is you!

Of course, we cannot directly communicate with our dogs to compare our dreams to theirs, so
there's no guarantee that dogs dream in the exact same fashion that we do. Researchers
believe that the content of dogs' dreams consists mainly of their daily activities, but chopped
up and put back together in dream-like fashion.

In other words, they're probably similar to our dreams; disjointed story lines that makes sense
while dreaming but may not have as clear of a narrative flow as you thought once you awaken.

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