Guide to Grooming A Cat

All cats require some level of grooming and most of it can be done right in your house. The type of grooming that your feline needs is based on factors like her hair type or the climate. Cats require more grooming as the weather warms up, as they lose their winter coat.

Identifying Your Cat's Grooming Needs:

* Hairless cat breeds don't need brushing but still require bathing, nail trimming and nail bed cleaning, skincare and routine ear cleaning-like their furrier friends.

* Most shorthaired cats are considered low maintenance and typically need to be brushed every one to two weeks, but some may only require it once a month. Cats with medium length hair need a weekly brushing to maintain their coats.

* Longhaired cats typically require daily brushing and combing to help prevent matting and tangling of the hair. This practice also helps remove dirt and manages shedding.

And don't forget to always use a gentle voice and give your cat treats periodically throughout each type of at home grooming session to bring her comfort and put her at ease.

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